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Hey everyone! I have posted a few times on here, but never made a thread. So I'm counting on you guys for some sound advice. I know in the end I'll have to make my own decision, and I'm sure I'll... Read More

  1. by   lala123
    I can totally relate to you. Even though this is my first career choice and my first time in college, I also my first semester in nursing school was skeptical if this is really what i wanted to do. From all the stress that comes from school and clinicals, knowing that it will be about the same when you are a nurse. There were plenty of times that i questioned myself and seeing if i really wanted to do this. I had thought about other options, I thought of maybe becoming a teacher instead. Well i stuck it through and finish my career in about 5months. The reason I didnt quit was b/c I dont have enough courage to quit something and b/c i didnt know the reason to the way i was feeling. I talked to other people in the class and they said exactly the same thing. Now i am greatful that I did not quit and am loving every minutes of nursing and the education. I couldnt be happier!! Good luck in w/e u choose!!!