1. hello all
    I was wondering if anyone out there was attending SUNY Downstate- either their 4 yr or the Acc BSN program and what they thought of it.

    I am awaiting an admission decision and was hoping for positive (or negative feedback :uhoh21: ) from the group.

    Thanks y'all

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  3. by   enorman

    I recently was accepted to both NYU and Downstate though with only 2 weeks ( including holidays ) to make a decision. NYU gave me a lousy financial package so I am inclined towards Downstate. The big caveat is that my husband isnt crazy about me going there since I will be taking buses back and forth. A number of years ago, during a hs internship, he had a bad experience there while waiting for a bus. Can you tell me if this is a concern for students? Is it an issue for concern?
  4. by   Pride of July28
    Well, the hospital is right across from Kings COunty which is a major trauma hospital in the borough. There are alot of people around at all times. If you feel unsafe, campus security will take you to and from the subway station. I didn't feel unsafe. . . I nerver had any issues besides inappropriate men trying to flirt but that can happen anywhere. You will be doing clinicals at facilities in this area so if you have reservations, I would suggest going over to the school and walking around for a while before commiting. It is a school community as well so there will always be other students around-- we stuck together and if you decide to attend, I doubt you'll have any serious problems

    good luck with either school
    write back as needed
  5. by   EnergizerNurse
    From what I hear, if you want to save tuition money, go to Downstate.

    Otherwise, if you want a sound educational nursing experience, head on over to NYU.