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  1. Just wondering if someone can give me some help deciding what to do this summer. I start 2nd year of RN program this fall. I have a great non-nursing job that pays pretty well. I want to get into the nursing field, though and am ready financially ready for the pay cut, plus next semester I will not be able to work this job since it is M-F third shift and I am not going to clinicals after working all night. I had two interviews this week at a large teaching hospital as a Nurse Tech. They work under a nurse and do all things a nurse can but give meds, pay is 10.08 an hour. I had one interview at Cardiac Stepdown and one at Intermediate Care Unit. There are also two other hospitals in the area, but student nurses are hired as patient care techs. The pay there is 12.00, then in september when school resumes they bump you up to 14.00, then 90 days before you graduate they start you on nurses pay, which is 16.50 or so. I would like to work as a nurse tech, but the pay is kind of low compared to what I am making. I figure as a patient care tech I will be applying a lot of basic skills. I am just torn .... so tell me what would you do ...?

    Thanks in Advance
    Jenny MaC
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