Suggestion for new nursing students (Spring 2008) - page 2

One of the biggest things I had to buckle down on this semester was learning how to manage my study time. If I had only one thing that I could suggest for newbies is to stay on top of your reading... Read More

  1. by   PeachyERNurse
    Quote from dfarr
    I rarely read my books unless I didn't understand what was taught in lecture. I mainly focused on the notes I took in class. I don't learn from reading the texts. I learn from hearing, seeing, and discussing things. It also made people mad that I made the same grades as them without having to read, highlight, & re-read.

    LOL! Me too! Funny, people were always like "how is it she NEVER reads but does well on all her test?" Just don't learn things that way. Everyone learns differently, so my advice is to figure out what the best way for you to study is. Good luck everybody!!!

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