Study strategy needed! Any advice?

  1. Ok, I am at the end of my second semester and have managed a 4.0 up to this point. Now, I am worried whether or not I can even pass in this med-surg class. The workload is unbelievable. We were assigned 505 pages (19 chapts) of reading on Friday, and will be tested on this material this Friday! Never mind the reading I need to complete in pharmacology! I am not sure how to even begin, I feel defeated before opening the book. I unfortunately work full-time and have 3 children, so my time is minimal anyway. I have 12hr clinicals Mon and Tues; what do you guys out there do?? No one can really read that much, can they? BTW, does anyone else get this much heaped on weekly? Am I just now getting a reality check? SG
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  3. by   xokelly2
    Yeah, getting something like that is pretty common in my neck of the woods too. The funniest part is how they'll only select like 5 problems from 200 pages of reading. Usually my instructors would give lecture notes (pre-printed) and I would use those as an outline on what to focus on. I would always read so much and feel like I didn't remember a thing, but I would usually suprise myself on how much I actually remembered. A few of my classmates and I would also meet an hour or two before the test and spew facts at each other and it never failed that something someone mentioned would be on the test and it was helpful, almost like a mini-study group. My grades are mediocre, I get B's and C's, I use to be a straight A student, but now I'm happy with whatever I can get! I would also try to cram as much reading in as possible like during my little 15 minute breaks at work, people would always laugh at me for carrying my huge book to work but every little bit helps. (I work full time too, minus the kids) All through nursing school people would lecture me all the time about how working was a bad idea, but I didn't have a choice I had to pay my tuition somehow, I didn't have financial aide. But it wasn't that terrible, (I'm done with school in 5 weeks!) and when I had breaks from school or work I was BOARD, I get so involved in this busy lifestyle. But you can do it, don't be discouraged! Goodluck on your test!!!!!
  4. by   HisAlone
    I couldn't have survived without my study group! We'd break reading assignments out and then get together and brief each other on the main points of "our chapters" if it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the entire assignment read by oneself. In a pinch I'd focus on chapter titles, subtitles, definitions, end-of-chapter summaries, tables, etc. instead of trying to read every single word.