Still Waiting!

  1. This wait is killing me! It has been weeks since the NLN and the calls have still not been made to meet with the nursing selection commitee. I have spoken with the director of the nursing program and she assured me that it should happen this week ... all the points and gpa's are being totaled to determine who gets invited, then the acceptance letters will be sent out to the RN hopefuls. I have met all the requirements (glad that part is over ... Ha!) Now its just a matter of finding out who has the highest totals. But Uggggg ... My life is on hold and I can see my future hanging in the balance!
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  3. by   Forevermomof5
    It is absolutely the hardest thing I have had to do except being 9 months pregnant, waiting to have the baby.

    I just finished my semester and I got a B in microbiology and a B in A&P. I am so relieved that this semester is over. Our selection committee is meeting on June 1st and then they will let us know by the end of that week.

    At least you'll know soon - I have to wait for 3 whole weeks. Good luck to you. You'll be doing the dance soon I am sure!