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  1. I have worked lots of volunteer jobs in my life, but if I go to San Diego State University nursing school they actually want it to be documented. So I have been trying for weeks to start volunteering at the hospital here on the base. Since it is a Navy hospital, the volunteers are coordinated with the people in each department, the red cross person at the hospital, and the red cross in another building. It isn't the easiest thing to track down all these people, but I am finally starting this Friday. With my classes and my husband at sea, the only day I have available is Friday. I am even getting to volunteer in my first choice, the OR. I think I want to be a surgical nurse. I am keeping an open mind since I will be going through clinicals in nursing school and I know there may be something that I haven't even considered that I want to do, but I am definately interested in surgery. They even said that from time to time, if there is enough people for someone else to answer phones, work on the computer, etc. I can go into the OR and watch surgeries. I just had to share. It's been a couple of years since I have done much volunteer work and I am excited about getting back to it especially since it will be in the hospital again.
    Bye for now, Kimberly
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