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Hey! I am new to this forum and am sooooo excited to have found it! What great info from everyone!!! What a great stress reliever knowing I will be able to access advice, suggestions, etc from all of... Read More

  1. by   Nrswannab
    Hey, everyone! I am 35 year old non-traditional student like many of you. I have no medical background and will be starting my ADN program on August 20th at a college here in Northeast Georgia. Talk about butterflys!!!! I have to pick up the syllabus, books, parking decals, etc., on August 17th and then our big orientation, which lasts all day, is on August 22nd. I would love to keep in touch with all who are in the same boat - especially the Class of 2003!
  2. by   lalajenn
    HI!! I am starting the ADN program here at Brookhaven College here in the Dallas, Texas area. I start on Aug. 27th. I am so nervous. I have 2 orientations to go which one is on Aug. 10th and the other is on Aug. 15th and on the 16th and 17th is when I have my CPR classes. I have 2 kids and hope I can make it. Nice to see that there are other people in the same boat out there and if you want to e-mail me I would be happy to e-mail back!! I need all the support I can get! Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   Brown Suga
    I am very happy to see so many of us starting the nursing program. There is hope for the nursing shortage that is being experience acrossed the nation. I will be starting an ADN program this Aug. I am very excited to be starting the nursing program. I am happy to say I will leaving at home with the rents leaving rent free and child free as well. I have no excuse not to succeed in the nursing program.

    Brown Suga