Starting school in less than a week and need to apply to a non certified loan.

  1. i got accepted into an accelerated nursing bsn program and start next week. i left my job some weeks ago because the program was very clear that i can't work while in the program. i had some savings but already used them up to pay for rent, bills and school supplies. i was waiting for my school to get back to me about my financial aid options and finally received my package (but it is not going to cut it for the next 15 months).

    i have been using this time off from work to research my options and take my mind off worries (but that is inevitable during this planning time). i applied to a few student loans through sallie mae and citibank but got denied for lack of a cosigner. ironically, i have better credit history and score than both of my rejected cosigners. therefore, i applied to wells fargo medcap alternative loan and i am waiting an answer from them. i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed but if accepted it will only cover tuition since that is all i budgeted with that loan.

    now i need to factor in my living expenses for 15 months in addition of the tuition alone. the reason i am not going to have my school certify another loan is because they seem to move like turtles at the financial aid office . therefore, i am trying to find any information possible in order to apply for a non certified loan. i know wells fargo has one called wells fargo connection loan which allows the money to go directly to the student. does anyone have any experience getting this loan or any other non certified ones? what are my chances if i try applying on my own? thank you in advance.:heartbeat

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  3. by   nicpkfloyd
    I got a loan through Sallie Mae and one through Chase. If you have all your documents ready to go it's not difficult to get the loans approved quickly, but then again it's been a few years since then. I would start with Sallie Mae. I don't have any experience with Wells Fargo.
  4. by   skyheaven477
    Thanks. I applied to Sallie Mae but didn't get approved. If Wells Fargo doesn't work out then I am trying Chase. But I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
  5. by   IrishMama
    Did the Wells Fargo Connection loan work out? I'm considering applying for that or the MedCap one for next semester. I'm curious if you had an issue with them.