Starting NS in Fall have some questions about pre-reqs!

  1. Hi I start nursing school in fall. My school (upmc mercy) does not require pre-reqs before starting, but I have already taken psy, chem, nutrition, eng and am currently in a&p 1 but fear I will be retaking it in ns. My school breaks the semesters down into 9 ten week semesters. for example my first 10 week semester i will be taking nsg 101 and a&p 1 and second semester I will have nsg 102 and a&p 2. I know alot of nursing students say they would never be able to handle their nursing classes along with academic courses, but i know most schools do not break the semesters down like this and many have more than 2 classes per semester. Do you think I will be ok with having two classes per ten week semester?
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  3. by   tfleuter
    Well, it really depends on the individual, I would think. I've been through a program (not for nursing) that had a similar set up; classes were 9 or 10 weeks long, a student could sign up for 1 or 5 if they wanted to. I would do 2 at a time and I didn't find it anymore difficult than a typical 15 week semester with 12+ credits.

    I'm guessing that if the school has been using this format for quite sometime, then the average student is able to handle it. I would think that if numerous students were feeling overloaded and did poorly, then the school would restructure. I'm willing to bet you will do just fine
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    Thank you