Starting ASN program in the fall, work full time

  1. I am a speech therapist/rehab director in a nursing home. My hours at work are very flexible - I get there when I get there and leave when I'm done. So, as long as all of my stuff is done, I'm not required to be in the building between certain hours. I am hoping to be able to maintain around 30 hours /week at work and do my nursing courses in the evening. I have a master's degree already, but want the job security and options that come with RN. So, my first question is, have any of you worked and completed your RN? What was the most difficult part of doing that? Once I complete my ASN, how many semesters should I expect to attend to complete a BSN? I have over 175 credit hours already, including business courses, foreign language, and psych so I will just need to take nursing classes.

    Additionally, I am planning to continue my education through either NP, PA, or CRNA. from my understanding from reading on my college's website, all of those programs require 1-2 years of practice before you can even be considered. I was hoping to work PICU. Will that count as my critical care experience, or should I try for neuro ICU or more adult oriented ICU?

    My idea is this:
    ASN: fall 06-fall 07 (4 semesters)
    BSN: spr 07-spr 08 (3-4 semesters) while working ICU
    Apply to either PA, NP, or CRNA school, all of which take approx. 2 years, correct?

    So, I'm looking at about 5 years?
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