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I am one of the top students in my class (i'm actually convinced that i have the highest grade average in the class, but i dont know if it is true). when i first started off nursing school, i had a... Read More

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    Quote from septicwad
    I only went on one interview, but I would have to agree with you. It seemed like it was more important for me to fit in with the rest of the bunch, rather than consider my academic credentials, and the fact that I've taught at the collegiate level, and have published in peer-reviewed journals. Those annoying little details......
    I would agree with this also that is a huge part of the interview and hiring practice in the area in which I live. For 2 of the jobs that I interviewed for you had to first get through the "personality" test to get a foot in the door. I believe the grades and the reference letters play a big part in looking at potential applicants for the specialized areas in the part of the US that I live in.