1. who belongs? what kind of things does your chapter do as community service? what type of fundraisers?

    my class recently voted me student nurse association president for our school.

    in the past, sna has sold t-shirts, had bake sales, etc. to raise money for the pinning ceremony. (the college doesn't provide a lot of $$$)

    any ideas on neat money making ideas i can present at the next meeting?
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  3. by   Fgr8Out
    Actually some of us with our local AMSN were discussing fund raising... and we thought of a Dog Show. Haven't implemented it yet, but there are so many pet owners out there who would love to show off their dog. It doesn't have to be a "breed" sort of show... more an opportunity for dog owners to meet with others and have fun. You could offer small prizes for winners of "owner most resembling their pet", "ugliest", "smallest", etc.... maybe leashes, collars, pet id tags and the like.

    We're thinking of doing ours the end of August or early September and using some sort of "Dog Days of Summer" theme.

    good luck!
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