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  1. i'm a nursing student going into my 2nd and final year. graduation date is dec 2014. beginning my nursing courses now. currently i'm working two jobs and attending class fulltime. how I've made it through thus far is a miracle to say the the least. my director and instructors have all informed me that I will have to quit one of jobs to successfully complete my last year. I applied for public housing and have been approved however i'm having trouble with the fact that I would have to move to the projects for the next year. Everyone is telling me to do what I have to do to complete this last year of school. I've just always been this person that believes in working for what you have. I don't now nor have I received public assistance. also, in the city I live in the "projects are are not the very best area to live in. i'm really struggling with this decision. any and all suggestions are wanted and needed.
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    There is nothing wrong with accepting help when you need it. Just remember this is temporary until you finish school and find a job. I am a single mom too. Without some of the assistance I receive I wouldn't have gotten this far. I know how you feel. I used to work two jobs as well. But when my lil one was born I had to knock it down to one to be successful in school. I admire that you did all of this as a single parent! Some of us can't do that!