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I don't mean to whine (it's a guy thing!), but with a current nursing GPA of 3.14, the 700 apps for <150 summer intern jobs just seems so dismal. The only positive factor I have going for me is my... Read More

  1. by   nrsgstudnt89

    Thank you for your response. That was very helpful and really boosted my confidence! I have just completed my application and am waiting for my clinical faculty reference to arrive in the mail. I am very excited and think that it's going to be a long wait to hear in February...even though it is so soon hehe. Did the application last year require 2 references? Because, this year's application only has one form. Thanks again and take care!
  2. by   mydeluna
    Hey guys good luck to all of you. I was a Summer III last year. Don't stress over with the GPA. Mayo Clinic has very strong core values. If they think that you have a good moral standing (as attested by your essay, experiences, leadership, and recommendation letter) and you can care from the heart, there's no reason not to take you.

    They look at the "well-roundedness" of the person. GPA is just a footnote in the application/selection process.

    Good luck
  3. by   mydeluna
    At Mayo, I was once told that anyone can learn the skills without a doubt; it's providing the best care in the world that is something your preceptor cannot teach you. It is something within your character. And that's what Mayo Clinic wants...somebody who can deliver care from the heart and the best customer service in the world.

    Such a great and prestigious institution to work for. Good luck again.
  4. by   Avocadoloveer
    gpa is used as an initial screening tool. recruiters also look at your overall experiences.
  5. by   birdiegirl314
    Can anyone with at least 2 semesters of clinicals apply? For instance, someone in there third year of school or a graduating senior? I couldn't find a definite answer on the website.
  6. by   ziggy2013
    I just got accepted as a nurse intern this summer for mayo clinic on eau Claire, WI. I would always say apply to things otherwise you'll never get anything!! I have a gpa 3.6 but no experience working in healthcare, no extracurricular activities, just really wanted the spot. I put a lot of time in on my resume and cover letter utilizing people who I knew were good at those type of things. My resume was nothing extremely impressive, just server and clinical experience but I was sure to add a little extra to the standard where I could, such as I assisted with activities of daily living while promoting independence. i spent time looking at mayos website and making sure i addressed in my resume and cv exactly what they were looking for, so that i seemed like a natural fit for the job. I think the time spent on my cover letter really helped me along with email contact with the hr rep with questions and being sure to give her a huge thanks for her help and letting her know how eager i was for the position. I also spent hours preparing for my interview questions and making sure i looked professional. During the interview, i made sure i was bright and confident and conveyed how eager i was to learn and how rewarding nursing was for me. Last but not least, thank you cards after the interview i hope this was at least a little bit helpful and not a rant but i didn't think i had a chance, went for it anyway, you never know what will happen!!! Be proactive
  7. by   ScrubsandSirens
    I got into the program no problem and my GPA is lot lower than some of you guys'. I only have a 3.3.