Senior students/New Grads: Where will you be working?

  1. Share your job search success stories! If you are still searching, feel free to join in and share your ideal specialty!

    I am graduating in mid May and plan to take the NCLEX by the end of May. I'll be working in a PICU in New Jersey.

    How about you??
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  3. by   Seas
    I am graduating in 2 weeks. I had my first job interview yesterday, and it went good. If I am hired, I will be working on med-surg floor.
  4. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    Tuesday is my final exam and last day. I will be graduating in two weeks. I interviewed and will be working on the Critical Care Unit starting the fourth week of May.
  5. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    I have nooo clue yet! *waiting for callbacks* but my dream would be Trauma/ or ER. But to start, I would like Telemetry or any step down unit. (Not too hard, but not too routine either)
  6. by   idahostudent2011
    I graduate in may and was hired in the OR,...the best part is that I will get to scrub once in a while, that makes me very happy! Hopefully will get the NCLEX done as soon as possible....
  7. by   iPink
    Glad to hear there are new grads still getting hired, especially in Jersey, since that's where I am.