Seminole Community College LPN/RN Program, FL

  1. Is anyone a nursing student at SCC in Altamonte Springs, FL? I am considering the LPN or RN program. All my pre-reqs are finished and my GPA is 3.453. for those courses. Any info, or opinions, positive or negative are welcomed. Thanks,

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  3. by   swirlything
    Hi Alicia. I'm graduating from the RN program next month. The school has a really good NCLEX pass rate, in my opinion that's the most important thing. The classes are not easy, about 1/3 don't make it through the program: some drop out for personal or financial reasons, a lot fail out.

    Most of the teachers are FANTASTIC. There is one notable exception; she's a nice woman but I don't find her to be a good teacher. You only have her for one class though, so it's bearable.

    Just because you're in the day program that is supposedly only weekdays until 4pm, doesn't mean you won't end up with a night and/or weekend clinical. My peds clinical was Saturday evenings, my OB was Saturdays (though I volunteered for that one), and my practicum ended up being 7pm-7am, even when I marked the "I am NOT able to work the night shift" box on the practicum request form.

    The program is essentially a full-time job. But it goes by fast and it's worth it, in my opinion.

    One fantastic thing about the RN program at SCC is they have a concurrent program agreement with UCF. You can do both programs at the same time. (You have to have the UCF prereqs done first though: chemistry, pub speaking, history, algebra, etc). You end up taking one extra class each semester (2 over the summer when you are off from SCCC), and you end up with your BSN 6 months after graduating with your ADN. It's a FABULOUS program. And the UCF classes are very easy compared to the ADN classes, so the only real issue is putting in the time... well, and the extra tuition for UCF. All the UCF classes are either online or they bring them to the SCC campus, so you never have to actually go to the UCF campus.

    I'm doing this concurrent program. I will have my ADN next month. I have one class this summer online and my UCF practicum in the fall, and then I will have my BSN in December. In my opinion, this program is one of the best benefits of SCC.