Rough Day in Clinical..

  1. So I understand that the nurse's job is to be empathetic not sympathetic to the patient.. but being a beginer it's hard to find that fine line. I just really feel emotionally drained after today. Probably because it was my first time caring for two patients instead of my usual just one.
    My first pt. was in about a month ago for a TAH and developed a small bowel obstruction as a complication. She was put on an NG tube for her NV. The NG was d/c and her diet advanced to clears. (she was NPO and on ice chips previously) she was nervous and aprehensive to eat anything, but did voice that she was very hungry. I encouraged her to try a small nibble of her jello and sure enough about 10 minutes later she vomited. I mean, PROJECTILE vomited. Needless to say that this was my first experience with a pt on an NG tube, and I have not yet had a pt vomit right in front of me like that. We have only been in clinicals for a month. (I know alot of the experienced nurses will not be affected by someone vomiting) As a student that was like a milestone for me... being able to handle that and not begin to feel nauseas myself.
    It's been an interesting experience so far. My first rotation is over and my second starts tomorrow!
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  3. by   HididiScribbler
    Isn't it funny how proud we are over things like that?
    I know the first time I had to change a patient in bed with a GIANT, smelly, mess...and I could completely handle it and did just fine. I was so proud of myself