1. Hi,
    I am actually a high school student in the Atlanta area. I plan on entering college next fall to major in nursing, to become a certified nurse midwife. There are a few paths i can take. the only school in Georgia with the Nurse-Midwife Masters Program is Emory, so I will end up there anyway.

    They have RN-MSN option, and I feel like this would be the better option, to just get an associates & the take the bridge courses and go to the Masters, rather than a Bachelors then a Masters. I know if i just wanted to be a RN it would be better to get a BSN, but since I don't want to be an RN I was thinking I could take the quicker, cheaper route, that will also have me working quicker (even if just a year or so).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I really love Midwifery & my biggest concern is doing it right and getting there as quickly as possible and without having to spend 100s of thousands of dollars doing it.

    I just wanted a few opinions. I plan on contacting a few Midwives to get their opinion on the matter but I also wanted to have some students or working nurses opinions on it. Even if i decided not to be Midwife, I could still go back and do an RN-BSN degree.

    I just need a little advice before I start applying to schools and stuff.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   EarthwormRN
    I too, want to be a midwife. I have already gotten my ADN and am currently working as an RN. I don't really have answers your looking for but I'm hoping that someone else will so that it can help me too. I will be moving to georgia in the next few months and want to continue on my education there.
  4. by   metal_m0nk
    The program you mentioned requires that you take a total of 77 semester hours before beginning masters level courses (60 semester hours of undergraduate prerequisites and 17 semester hours of "bridge" courses).

    How much time and money would you really be saving?

    Edit: Looks like someone dug up an old thread. Oops.