Returning back to work after a year

  1. Hello everybody, I need some major help!
    I have finished my first year of nursing school. Will be taking my LPN exam sometime in August. I just got hired at a small hospital working as a Student Nurse Extern. It has been about a year since I worked because I knew once I entered the Nursing program I didn't want to work for the first year. I was a CNA and Unit clerk previously. I am only required to work 32 hours in a month to maintain my position at the hospital and must maintain a b average. Which is o.k. However, I have 3 kids also Twins ages 12 and a son who is 15. I am very scared but at the same time determined to do this. I only have 10 more months to become a R.N. if GOD helps me get thru it!! I know that it takes alot of work and I am ready for it. I have a very supportive family and as far as my marital situation goes I will be getting divorced as soon as I finish school. So From one nursing student to another if you can offer any pearls of wisodom or advice I would really love it!! I know my goal is only 10 months away I can just see myself walking across that stage and my kids and family in the audience clapping for me!!
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