Research r/t Nursing Uniforms, Image & Professionalism

  1. I'm trying to do a project r/t nursing uniforms, and have found tons of opinionated journals & articles, but no research. I'm trying to find research about hospitals who have gone to nursing wearing one colour, techs another, housekeeping something else, etc. Or even research related to patient perceptions. Any help out there? Thanks!
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  3. by   llg
    You might need to broaden your search by reviewing research related to patient satisfaction, the public's image of nursing, etc. The uniform issue won't be the main focus of the research (and may not show up in a search engine), but it might be included as part of the project.

  4. by   michar
    A few years ago they (not sure who 'they' is) did a public survey r/t what the public wants their nurses to look like and the overwhelming majority said white uniforms.

    No idea where to reference the survey at though.
  5. by   workerbeezee
    Well...I don't know about patients but for me pretty Little daisies don't do it for me. Bright rainbows, pink and red patterns, little dogies. And sure don't care for the camouflage and the tanks and all the other stereotype male uniforms. I want something that is colorful but professional. Oh yea I'm a male. guess you see were I'm going. I'm married with 2 girls 19 months and 3 years. I have always dressed business casual or suits. usually khakis and a nice shirt. Though I'm hooked on Italian shoes (their footprint seems to fit me like a glove). I also stay away from China. I want American made, double stitched comfortable, flexible. You know something that says me. Funny,laid back, professional, willing to listen (patient and co-workers). History... I spent 20 years in retail worked my way up to Management, switched to merchandising, had my own business. I got fed up with the corporations. So I switched to LNA and now I'm taking nursing. (incidently...despite the bureaucracy I love it) I just want scrubs that fir my personality. i also used to work as Assistant Manager at Work-N-Gear wear they sell scrubs but never had anything I liked. oh yea pockets pockets pockets.
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  6. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I have to say I would love to read what you find out.

    I'm a big believer in doing something that makes the RN stand out from the LPN and the LPN from the tech/aid/PCA and the tech/aid/PCA from the unit clerk.

    Where I'm at the dietary has a uniform. Also some areas have a specific color they have to wear...but everyone wears them.