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    Being the procrastinator that I am I have waited until the last minute to do research for a paper. Now the outlook is very grim so I was wondering if anyone else had to do a paper like this or knows good sites/places for research articles.
    I am a BSN student in need of research articles... full text not just the abstract.. on skills. I need to find research articles which relate to nursing practice and how it may or may not change nursing skills/prcedures (Vitals.. inserting NG tubes...suctioning...handwashing... CPR -- that type of deal). I then have to analyze the research and state whether the study was done accurately enough that their findings may imapct nursing practice.
    If anyone has any good websites.. places to look etc I'd be eternally greatfull!
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Full text articles are extremely difficult to find online, and even less likely to find are result articles with stats and n's.

    Can you go to your university/college library and look at the nursing research journals there? It would save you a lot of time, rather than trying to find them online. I've tried before, and I have found that i waste more time trying to find research online then if I would have gone to the library and made copies. Good luck, regardless of which method you choose

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    The one I used most...EBN


    Procrastination is great! It gives you time to do all the things that you're NOT going too do.