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  1. Hi Caroline, it's great to hear from someone starting the program in August! Hopefully we can keep in touch when we start school.
    I also have all my prereq's finished, thank goodness, I couldn't imagine taking those along with the nursing curriculum. Could you?
    Did you have to take a math test before entering the nursing program? We tested with the NET (nursing entrance test), basic conversions, percentages and decimals. I scored a 98% in math but still feel I need to spruce up a bit. Math is a funny thing to me, I can do the problems if I know the formula, it's just remebering the formula that's hard for me.
    There is a great website about a nursing clinical out of a college MCC, it really was insightful to me. Have you read it? If not I can look up the web address and send it to you.
    Well talk to you soon and Good Luck!!!!!!

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  3. by   CarolineRn
    Hi Raynee!!

    It would be nice to have another buddy to share nursing school experiences with! Do you have Aol IM? If so, add my name to your list, and I'll do the same. My screen name is TrippinAphrodite.

    Before getting into the program, you have to pass college algebra, and I took that a few semesters back, passing with a B. But I can't say that I retained much of what I learned! The test we are given on the first day of nursing class is just basic math, metric conversions, and such. But I'm worried because we're not allowed to use a calculator! (my right hand when I was in college algebra!) And we cannot get one wrong. I understand the reasoning behind it, but if you fail, you're out of the program. Good thing we get three chances. My luck, I'll be off one decimal point.

    I've got a good book I borrowed from a friend of mine who is in the last semester of this program. It's called Math for Meds and I have been working on it over the summer, so I should do all right.

    Please send the URL of that website you mentioned, I can use all the help I can get.

    Hope to talk to you soon!