repayment of student loans?

  1. Hi, I have been hearing from people at the hospital that many hospitals will repay loans upon hiring. I was just wondering if that is a common occurance and if what kind of committment is usually required in exchange for this benefit. If any of you have received this from where you work, I would appreciate hearing your opinions and how it really works.
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  3. by   Agnus
    There is a hospital in my area that does this. However, they require you to work on a particular floor. (frankly one that NO ONE wants to work on) I think the commitment is 4 years. From personal experience there is a reason no one is willing to work there. For one they treat everyone like Cr#@.
    I find I have more independence paying my own way. Thank you very much. I am now working on a RN to BSN program and that is 100% self paid. I will owe no employer for my education. It can be done. My student loans are the least of my financial worries. The loans are low intrest, and spread out enough to make payments more than manageable.

    I don't have first hand knowledge of other hospitals who do this and there are some you will probably want to/enjoy working at. Just not the one I mentioned.

    My hospital offers tuition reimbursement. I have turned it down. I think the commitment is 1-2 years for every 1 year of school. I have no desire to be anyone's indentured servent.
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  4. by   kats
    Thanks for letting me know how you have seen it work. I am pretty confident I will get a job after I graduate so I am not worried about being able to pay them back. I was just curious.
  5. by   Robin61970
    In Arkansas they have a program called loan forgiveness and if the job you go to school for is on the list and you work in Arkansas after you get out of school then you can apply for loan forgiveness.....other states may have this as well.........if they do we need to start raising hell to make sure Nursing gets put on the list....currently here it is not on it, but I am hoping that will change in the future......Radiography and some other health careers are on's worth checking into.......