Re-applying to nursing school

  1. Hey guys, I started nursing school in august of this year. I was doing well and passing. I had a issue with my computer not uploading an assignment on time and unfortunately I received a 0. In my school you have to have an 84% in clinical to pass. I had an 82% so I was asked to withdrawal so I wouldn't be considered failing on my transcript. My director insisted that I re-apply for the up coming year. Nursing is my dream and having this happen devastated me. To re-apply I will have to take the hesi test all over again and I'm feeling a little discouraged. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   StudentNurseTamika
    Although not the same situation last year I was accepted into a nursing program after taking the NLN Pax exam. I was suppose to start January 2017 but due to work I was unable to start. I missed the deadline to readmit into the program for the fall. In Sept I went to the school to talk to someone about readmitting for January 2018 and I was told I just need to complete a form which had to be in by October. I lost the form so I called the school to have the form sent to me and was informed that since I was out for 2 semesters I had to retake the entrance exam which was now the TEAS exam and I had to reapply to the program. The person I originally spoke to at the school gave me the wrong info. At that point I felt defeated because I had 2 weeks to study for the exam. Nursing is my passion and what I want to with my life so I sucked it up, studied for 2 weeks, took the exam and now I am finally starting the Nursing program next month. I have also been where you are I was in a nursing program about 10 years ago but was dismissed from the program with 1 year to go. Fortunately I was able to switch my major and still graduate on time with my bachelors degree. I say all of this to say if nursing is your passion you will do whatever you need to do. Hopefully you won't get sidetracked and take as long as me but sometimes the easy path does not work out and we have to make adjustments and take a longer path. Good Luck!
  4. by   EMT-PJean
    I was in nursing school (first semester) and withdrew to avoid Fs on my transcript. With all of the obstacles to return, I took too long to make up my mind and as a result, I will have to go to LPN in order to reapply for the RN program at that particular school. I said that to tell you not to take too long to reapply. I would suggest that you get right back at it ASAP! I wish you all the best.