Question regarding Fluids/Electrolytes

  1. I was surfing one night and found a great site that had fluid and electrolyte info on it. I also managed to find a site that had the different types of IV fluids...well of course I cant find them now when I need them. I wanted to print out the IV fluids to use as a study guide.

    SO my question is, anyone know of any sites offering these 2 topics? It would be much appreciated. I have looked for them and cant find them..guess that's what bookmarks are for!!

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   wsiab
    I didn't find it on a website when I was in school. However, Springhouse has a series of subject guides ("Made Incredibly Easy") and I know they have a fluid and electrolytes version, a friend of mine had it in school (it was about $15, we all used it in study group) breaks things down pretty well.