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  1. I just got accepted today to an accelerated BSN program at USF in Tampa. We don't have orientation until April 10, but my registration date is March 30. According to the website, we have the option of taking 3 of our 4 first semester classes at grad level: pathophys, ethical/legal, and nursing research. We take pharm as well, but that's only offered as an undergrad class. Has anyone taken grad level classes while a BSN student? I've taken graduate courses before, but not in nursing obviously. I'd love to hear a few responses, and I will e-mail an advisor and see if I can talk to someone before I register as well. Thanks!
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  3. by   sunshines66
    I think that would depend on your prior knowledge of those subjects. I have a BSN and have taken several masters level nursing classes. I would have been overwhelmed by a masters level pathophys or pharmacology class initally. It was too much brand new info for me. It also depends on how much time you have to study. I really enjoyed my masters pathophys and pharmacy courses because I had a good basic understanding and new concepts just clicked for me it was a fantastic learning experince for me.
    Good Luck whichever way you choose.