Question for anyone who was sick before clinicals

  1. I'm starting my first semester of nursing school in a few weeks and I just found out (and confirmed my fears) that I have mono. I'm resting and drinking plenty of fluids and eating ibuprofen like candy, but there's not much I can do otherwise.

    I wanted to know if any other students had mono or another communicable virus get in their way of participating in your clinicals in nursing school. Going to class is one thing, but being put around people that may be immuncompromised is something I'm afraid to do being sick like this.

    Thanks for your help guys and gals!
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    it depends on your school's policy for missing clinicals. I dont' know anyone who didn't miss at least one clinical during the four semesters. But I don't think anyone missed more than one a semester.
    Plus you do NOT want to miss your first few clinicals. You may be on campus the first few weeks, which may buy you more time to recover.
    Be sure to follow your doctor's advice in regards to school.