pyloric stenosis, you dummy!

  1. We had to take our final CAP test today. A general RN version. 190 questions.

    By the end I was ready to cry. I thought I'd done well this semester and have felt pretty good about the year but I struggled to reason through the test questions.

    arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't know about this test. I've managed to get above the national average in all the previous CAP tests but this one I truly feel uneasy . I was scolding myself as I walked through the parking lot as a few of right answers came to me - such as pyloric stenosis. Duh.

    It's discouraging because it just makes me more anxious about boards. I surely don't need to be more anxious about THAT!

    Continuing the countdown.........11 days until graduation.
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