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hello all. i don't get on much due to nursing classes this summer. i have had one rotaion of psych and i know this is not the area i am interested in. only with one day on an acute unit,... Read More

  1. by   NurseJ
    I just finished my psyc rotation and at first I was dreading it with a pasison but I actualy learned so much!! The other RNs on our unit where amazing and so helpful!

    It really is an interesting field and while medication is a huge part of treatment I had the chance to get to know a lot of my patients and really feel that I had a positve impact on their care, much more so then in med/surg rotations. The best thing is to keep an open mind and to remeber that everyone has a story.
  2. by   NurseStacey143
    My Psych rotation was great. I have always had an interest in psych anyways so I suppose I went into the rotation with a very positive attitude as opposed to a nervous attitude as most people! That may have made a major difference. At the hospital I was at, the psych nurses did much more than med passing. They had to keep everything under control while being treated awful by some of the clients. We observed clients "cheeking" meds among other things that the nurse intervened in. Just learning to communicate with the clients is a major thing. It is amazing the way they do it! In my rotation I was able to get a catatonic schizo to talk to me my very first day....he wasn't a nice man at all, but all the nurses and even my instructor were impressed. I think when I graduate I will do med surg for a year or two to ensure my skills are great...then I will move on to the ER setting where I will see many psych patients along with a variety of other things in a fast paced environment.