Profiency exams

  1. I have to repeat my profiency exam next week. I got 72 points out of a possible 82. We had 5 minutes to do each task. It wasn't organized. The instructors got into an argument, everyone was tense, it was awful. My clinical instructor said it was allright to drop the sterile 4x4's onto the same pile, I was counted wrong by another instructor for doing it that way. Some of the other instructors taught their students different ways to mark off injection sites, etc. Everyone was upset about the way this turned out. They said they do it to see how we work under pressure. Anyway, I am worried that I will fail the semester for not getting a perfect score on this exam. So far I have an average of 88 in theory and 83 in pharmacology. We have our final Monday, makeup profiency exam on Tuesday and a makeup clinical day on Wed., then I'll be out til June 3, then I'm taking a Micro class over the summer for 5 weeks, then back to nursing class about the middle of August! Whew! That made me tired just writing about it.LOL :angel2:
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    We don't have any profiency exams, just our check-offs, you either pass them or you don't. Final is on Tuesday, then off for the summer, took Micro last summer. Good luck Doodle.
  4. by   Agnus
    Sounds like these instructors need to get their act together. Working under pressure is one thing woking with instructors who are not on the same sheet of music and fighting in front of students is another.

    Frankly testing performance under pressure should come late in your program. Leanting shoud be done in a supportive enviorment and this does not sound supportive.

    I'm sorry for preaching to the choir. I just wish you instructors could see themselves.