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:confused: We have a student in our Nursing class that is driving the whole class crazy. She acts like a know it all and tries to tell us how to do things and she is alway wrong. She shows up for... Read More

  1. by   amy
    Had one in my class too, only it was a minority. Despiye multiple complains, issues noted by his instructors, marginal grades and probations, the college pushed to get him through because of the statistic. He eventually finished school, PASSED his boards(which amazed all of us!!!) and now works. I guess my only happiness out of the whole thing is that he is not doing direct patient care. Oh, and my family will NEVER go there!
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  2. by   jobear
    I don't know how your program works, but my program offered different class time as well as clinicals. When the schedule comes out be nice and make small talk to find out what section she is signing up for. After you find out the goods, do a skip and ditch and sign up for the other class/clinical. Good luck, been there and done that! Most people that can't put in the effort even on the little things don't survive long. stef