Primary Health Care

  1. Good Morning Guys!!!!

    Could anyone be able give me information of what is Primary Health Care all about? I'm just too curious about that subject. I just wanted to know what is the coverage of that subject?

    Hope to hear from you guys, Thanks and More Power to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   grinnurse
    Are you referring to Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary care?

    If so, primary would be addressing health care needs before they arise such as Breast Self Awareness/Exams, teaching how to prevent any disease such as colon cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and so forth.

    Hope this helps. There should be a section in your basic nursing skills book that addresses this topic.

    Good luck and if that was not what you were looking for please go further in detail about what you are needing answered and I will try to help!!

    Have a wonderful day!!
  4. by   nhatz
    [QUOTE=grinnurse]Are you referring to Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary care?

    I'm referring to the primary care. Thanks for your response. Hope to here from you again.