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  1. hi everyone,
    i want to eventually become a CNM eventually after all of my schooling. i haven't taken any college classes ever, and have not decided which college i am going to attend, but i was wondering what prereqs will i need to take before i can actually get my bachelors of science in nursing, or just my bachelors in nursing? i will be seeing a counselor in a few weeks at the local comm. college where i live, so i was hoping to get a feel here first for what i will be enrolling in. will i be taking regular math & english classes for prereqs? if my prereqs are like those, i will most likely take those online from our comm college and then go to a university/college for my nursing degree. im just a little confused on prereqs and classes and what not! will my classes such as anatomy and physiology & those other classes be taken while i am at a university for my nursing degree? or do i take those as prereqs? anything would help! thank you so much
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  3. by   D.R.A.
    Well, each college may have a unique advising sheet for BSN or whatever. That aside, as far as pre-reqs go. If you are planning a Bachelor's and will start at a comm. college, you will get all or most of your gen ed courses out of the way. For example, many colleges allow you to transfer a certain number of credits from a comm. to a uni. If you are going into science you will have classes more geared toward that, i.e. A&P I and II, more than one Math, etc. If you were doing an arts degree you would have more heritage/humanities courses and social science, like sociology.

    Regardless, you can count on needing to knock out Writing I and II, a heritage/humanities, College Algebra, Basic Public Speaking, and a couple Psych. classes just for starters. Congrats on furthering your education and good luck.
  4. by   guiltysins
    There are two different categories. There are college requirements which are english, math, history ect. Then there are nursing pre-reqs which are psychology, statistics, chemistry, biology ect. The nursing pre-reqs are also apart of the college requirements. Some colleges will let you take nursing classes along with anatomy, physio and some require them as pre-reqs. Some colleges also require that all your classes except nursing courses be finished before you can start nursing classes and some will allow you to take them together. For example, some will require you to take all your english, history, math, psychology and such before nursing classes and some will allow you to take nursing classes with the english, history and other non-science courses.

    You can knock out as many classes as you like online, just make sure it will be transferrable. My school for example requires all classes to be taken before I can do nursing classes and clinicals. So here is what I have:

    College Requirements:
    Orientation Seminar
    English Comp I & II
    English Lit I & II
    History I & II
    Philosophy I & II
    General Psychology
    Finite Mathematics

    Nursing Pre-reqs:
    General Biology I & II
    Human Anatomy
    Human Physiology
    Developmental Psychology
    General Chemistry
    Organic and Biochemistry (one class)

    It took me three years to complete all these classes.