Preceptorship Confusion...????? OB or Med-Surg

  1. I am entirely confused on which specialty I should complete my RN preceptorship. I loved OB but I also feel there is more opportunity in Med Surg with Adults in terms of professional growth and broader choices for specializing. My ultimate goal is to become an Nurse Practitioner (NP). To my understanding I did not see any NP's in OB only in Med Surg.

    Any Help with this suggestion.

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  3. by   BellsRNBSN
    One of my classmates actually had the same dilemma. She knows she wants to go into OB, and she couldn't decide between doing her preceptorship in OB or med/tele. She ended up choosing med/tele because she had a great preceptor lined up in that unit, and she wanted to make sure she had the opportunity to practice a wide range of nursing skills. This is just my opinion, but I would recommend doing your preceptorship in med/surg, for that same reason. I feel that you would have more hands-on opportunities on a med/surg unit, whereas you may be more limited as a student nurse in OB.

    I never saw any NPs practicing as NPs during my OB clinical rotation. In fact, there was a NP who worked as a RN on the OB unit to supplement her income as a women's health NP. So if you're interested in OB, I'm thinking your best bet as a NP would be to go into women's health or to become a midwife. Obviously I'm not an expert, but I thought I'd give you my and let you know what I have observed in the hospital. :spin:
  4. by   jasmine2008
    Thank you for your advice. It all made so much sense and I totally agree.
    Med Surg/Tele it is!!!!!