Preceptor gift for senior practicum?

  1. Hi all,
    I am about to finish up a 2 month full time preceptorship for my senior practicum, and I am struggling with figuring out an appropriate gift for my preceptor (he's a a lot of the ideas that have been suggested to me, such as flowers or nice lotion/soap, probably wouldn't work..). I am going to bring some sort of baked good for the unit to show my appreciation, but I'm really stuck on what to get my nurse. He's been an amazing teacher and I was so lucky to be placed with him. I know he doesn't get paid anything extra for doing this, so I feel some sort of gift with a thank you card would be appropriate. Any thoughts?
    Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   Cohiba
    If the hospital where you're at has a coffee shop (and your preceptor goes there) a gift certificate would probably go well (that's what I got my Senior Practicum preceptor) but failing that, a GC for Starbucks would be a good backup idea and not so schmaltzy/sentimental as to weird-out a dude...
  4. by   DisneyNurseGal
    I am usually not a fan if gift card gifts, but I think in the case of a preceptor, it is appropriate. Maybe a nice dinner or to the movie theater?
  5. by   llg
    I agree that some sort of gift card or gift certificate would be nice. Just be sure to pick it for someplace he would like. (For example, people keep giving me Starbucks cards and I HATE coffee and can't drink their sugary other drinks, either.) Don't assume he would like the same things you would like. After spending 2 months with him, you probably have some ideas of his hobbies, likes, etc.

    If you really don't know ... get it somewhere really general, like that would sell a lot of different types of things ... or maybe a gift card to a shopping mall with lots of different stores to choose from.

    Finally, don't forget to thank him in a professional way. The help he gave you helped your career ... return the favor by helping him professionally. Write a note to his manager saying what a great preceptor he was. It will be put in his file, included in his evaluation, and it might help his career in some way down the road to have that feedback from you documented in his personnel file. Most students don't think to do that.
  6. by   anashenwrath
    Did he have any sayings or anything that he fell back on a lot? One of our clinical instructors used to always say, "I love you all, but I trust none of you." Some of the students got it printed on a coffee mug for her. I thought that was mega thoughtful and personal.

    But if not, then an Amazon gift card along with a personal note (not just a hallmark card with your signature) sounds perfect to me.