pop quiz for all of the new nursing students

  1. hey have a question that I know the answer too but it has happened to me .Can stress cause you too get strep throat after all of the stress of this stupid college admission test I lost my voice (just can't scream at the kids when they are swinging of of the chandeliers) but any way I have white puss bags (strep) so does lack of sleep and stress make you more able to get it ?
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  3. by   emily_mom
    stress can compromise your immunity to infectious disease, so it is very possible. i get sick every time i work a 3rd shift, just because i'm off my rhythm and don't take care of myself like i should. a lot of people get sick before tests because of all the stress. i see you're starting soon. get lots of sleep and learn not to stress out over exams. good luck to you!!! :spin:
  4. by   farmmom
    thank you I know that I either get strep or pnemonia every time I get run down
    I haven't slpet well in the last five days and last night after my enterance exams I slept even worse
    I do not feel like sleeping now because I do not have the results