Pinning ceremony?

  1. Anyone have one of these yet? just wondering what to expect, really excited only three weeks to go now till graduation!
    We have to wear a white uniform no makeup hair slicked back in the bun no jewelery ect...
    typical clinical attire for us except for the white uniform (our school uniform is blue and white and the word sailor comes to mind when looking at it) ugg cant wait to get rid of that thing!
    Just currious though .......... Thanks!:roll
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  3. by   NurzofFaith
    Hi! My pinning ceremony was held last Tuesday at this HUGE cathedral. I wasnt sure I would enjoy it as the practice was total chaos.

    The ceremony was excellent though, much to my suprise! We did wear the traditional white uniform with the flying nun nurses cap..teehee We were allowed to wear make-up (thank God), and minimal jewelry.

    We got to walk in carrying ceramic lamps (the kind you rub for wishes..LOL) and recite the Nightengale pledge too! As soon as I saw my family, parents and friends I cried! It finally hit me that I was done and I was so overcome with joy and sorrow, the tears flowed

    I must say seeing my instructors did add to the tears too. It was great to look at them and to think that these wonderful women helped to make me into a graduate nurse, I will truly miss them!!

    I wish you the best and I hope your pinning ceremony will be something you will hold dear

    Congrats too!!