Pharmacology final - God help me :S

  1. Hi everyone,

    Well it is getting to the end of the semester and I am in panic mode - I have good study habits in school but for some reason I cannot seem to make any sense of pharmacology - I have printed off the NCLEX quizzes for each chapter (our teacher said this would be a good study tool) - my concern is when she asks questions in class many of us have no idea what she is talking about - it is so bad that we have had meetings with the dean throughout the semster and of course nothing has been done to help us (we offered to come in on our days off and get remedial help if they would offer it to us) Our univeristy has no peer tutors because we are the first class of the new university - so that is out of the question too. Anyway, if anyone can offer a way to muddle through this material so that I can pass the exam I would really appreciate your help

    Take care
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  3. by   grinnurse
    I should be studying pharm for test tomorrow but instead am doing this . I am sick of studying for the darn thing!! There is so much to know and not enough time to learn it all. Better go and study. Good Luck