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I had a 1 mo. old with RSV so the room is on both contact and droplet precautions. Obviously, I suited up each and every time I went in there but what made me angry was that both my instructor and... Read More

  1. by   llg
    I know this is a very old thread that has just been revived. But the issues are still relevant today.

    Many students on allnurses about hospitals "being mean" to the schools and limiting the amount of freedom the instructors and students have to practice clinical skills in the hospital setting. This is why hospitals place such limits on the students. They can't always trust the instructors to supervise the students properly because some of the instructors are not clinically competent themselves -- or at least not competent in the specialty in which they are teaching that day.

    When hospitals see behavior from an instructor like the OP described, it forces the hospital to clamp down on the school (and perhaps all schools). It causes the hospital to mistrust the faculty, which results in more restrictions for the school and faculty.

    Remember this example the next time you read posts from students complaining that the hospitals "don't let them do anything interesting" during clinicals. This is what causes that.
  2. by   Nepenthe Sea
    We haven't had anything quite like that, but we did have an instructor who, when supervising a central line dressing change, asked a student why she needed to wear a mask. And I don't mean like questioning the student to see if she knew the answer - she honestly didn't know. She was forced to watch every skills video (and that was ALOT) that WE had to watch in fundemantals, for doing that.