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  1. Hello everyone.

    Im new. 17 years old. Freshman college student.
    I consider myself as an old dudes! in here ( well not physically ).
    Been here for 2 years now but only registered this year at your website and I forgot what month was it (sign of me getting old ). Anyway, I'll check later at my profile.

    Just a quickie help question:

    This computer teacher gave us a project to research on Nursing Specialty. And I was assigned to research on "Intensive Care Unit Nursing"........ Well, Do'h! Doh! Doh! There is no such thing as ICU Nursing, it's not even under the Nursing Specialty. Tell me if I'm wrong.
    So I complained and she gave me a new one. "Pathology Nursing", or is it "Pathological Nursing" - I don't know which is which. But anyway, I can't find a website to find such information on this. Is it just me who can't seem to find it or is it my teacher again?

    Please help.

    Well, its obvious that she is not a medicine graduate. She's just my computer teacher. And our topic for today is on how to use the internet.

    Please help.

    Baby Lady
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  3. by   shyviolet78
    Well, there definitely is a such thing as ICU nursing, as a matter of fact it is a very large nursing specialty. There are several subspecialties in it, such as Cardiothoracic, Medical, Surgical, Trauma, Neuro, Transplant, Neonatal, Pediatric, and Burn. The main page of the discussion board should have links to discussion boards dedicated to several of these specialties. Here is the link:

    Pathology is the study of the nature of disease, its causes, processes, development and consequences. Pathology has subspecialties as well, the one I hear about most is Forensic Pathology. I don't know alot about pathology nursing, but here's a link to the forensic pathology nursing discussion board as well:

    If I were you, I'd stick to the ICU topic, as there is more information out there. The website for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (Critical Care Nurse = ICU Nurse) has some valuable information; this article from there should help you alot:

    Hope this helps.
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