Pasadena City College Textbooks Question

  1. Hi all!

    I'm going to start ADN program at PCC this Spring 2014. I have a question: do I need to buy all of the books (package, 12 books) for N50 class? it costs way too much if I'm going to buy it at the school bookstore, but will save me some bucks if I buy it online like amazon or chegg. I'm very determined to pass RN program and NCLEX, but at the same time I'm on a tight budget. I'll be quitting my job to focus in school. I found the Pharmacology books on amazon and chegg and they are way cheaper compare to PCC bookstore's price. But the thing is the N50 book lists is a lot! and it costs around almost 1000.

    Please advise! Need your advise so bad!

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