Palm programs for studying physiology?

  1. I took Anatomy last Spring semester and thought that was hard enough. That is until I started taking Physiology this semester. My teacher is even known in other schools in the area as being the toughest. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you who use Palm handhelds to study would know of any downloads I could try. I already have the medical mnemonics program. Thanks for any suggestions.- Kimberly
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  3. by   2amigos
    I don't know if these have the exact program you're looking for, but here's what I've bookmarked. If nothing else, keep them in mind for the future.
    RN Palm
    lots of information and e-mail groups you can join. For software, go to top and click software>Palm and they have lists of both free software and programs you can purchase. Mobile computing is the next technology frontier for healthcare providers. Data capture and retrieval using a PDA by physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, are enhancing patient care and improving efficiency. The migration of informatics to wireless and mobile applications is now fully underway. This migration from desktop platforms to a mobile platform will have a significant impact on future healthcare delivery systems and their globalization. Handheld computers, both Palm and the Pocket PC, currently are being used for e-prescribing, charge capture, research, reference, patient education, accessing daily schedules and as clinical tools.

    Palm OS Healthcare Software
    Lots of free healthcare software here to download! Awesome site!

    Palm Gear
    Lots of programs, accessories for your Palm

    Palm Blvd-The Complete Palm Information Resource-Shareware
    Lots of programs here that can be downloaded for free!

    PDA Cortex Store
    The largest list of Nursing PDA applications anywhere online

    Healthy Palm Pilot
    medical resources for the Palm OS, includes the net's largest collection of health care related freeware.

    Handheld Links for PDA's
    Wonderful resource! Lots of medical and non-medical links here!

    Emed student
    download Palm Lab reference book

    CNET Downloads for PDA
    Programs for your PDA's.... You can do a search for a category, Operating System, and free. Lots of programs to chose from and CNET usually has a review of each program.

    Hope this helps! Let us know what you find.
    Cheryl Moore