Opinion on application & what else could I do?

  1. I have my application ready for the cc's nursing program in my area. I am hoping that you can let me know what you think and please give me any suggestions for improving it.

    I typed the application, essay and my part of letter of rec. forms along with typing my references an envelope for mailing back
    3.38 GPA
    Courses: Needed 2 intro. chems, 1 algebra, 1 biology
    I took 1 intro chem and 1 general chem, algebra, statistics, college algebra, general biology, principles of biology, a&p 1, a&p2, lifespan development, death & dying, medical teminology, doasage calculations, meeting the healthcare challenge (a one credit course to help you utilize yourself in the healthcare envirnment and the challenges it presents) I am also a math/science major already at the same college.

    Hospice volunteer as a caregiver (BTW, the director of the nursing program is on the board of our local Hospice)

    Do I have a chance? Can I do anything to make me stand out more? Thank you so much!
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  3. by   manna
    It really all depends on what criteria your school bases admissions on. Some schools take into account only GPA and ACT score, other schools have testing and interviews, other schools weigh factors like number of courses completed, volunteer work, etc.

    Good luck!