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Hi everybody, I am struggling in my advanced med-surge clnical rotation. Although I am a really compassionate and meticulous person, I don't do well under pressure and with lots of things to... Read More

  1. by   neverbethesame
    I tried PMing you again but was denied! Not sure why! Here is the important part of the PM:

    I was never consistent with herbals I bought so I am not sure what really works. I would research what are the good herbals to deal with anxiety on reputable sites. Use your pharm text book and drug guide too! Check out some forums that help people with anxiety and see what are some common ones that seem to really help.

    Good luck!!! Keep me posted!!!!
  2. by   katerin5000
    I totally get what you are going through. I haven't been diagnosed with ADD, but it's like you describe for me in clinical: a whirlwind, chaos, absolute hysteria in my head. I'll go in the morning with a plan, then it just falls apart. I'll try a timesheet and see if that helps. Hate that you're going through this but glad I'm not alone. It's like no matter how hard I work I'm always behind and everyone else is so together. I did great first semester, but for some reason this go round has been like a crazy blur. Keep your head up and good luck
  3. by   ChemGeek
    Hi there, I'm a nursing student in the UK. I'm in my late 20's and have a degree in chemistry and worked in labs for a few years. I was diagnosed just over 18 months ago and so had a few months with diagnosis and meds (dexamphetamine sulfate max 20mg daily with citalopram). I also have mild dyslexia which I was diagnosed with during my first degree (another story for another thread). Luckily I'm intelligent and really grasp scientific concepts, which gets me through a lot of the theory stuff (apart from essays... but I have support for that).

    Out on practice it's a different story. I have the same issues as a lot of you on this thread - I'm great when it's not too chaotic and can really shine - especially when I only have a couple of things to concentrate on e.g. really ill patient, one bay of 4 patients, one or two basic tasks for all patients... but yes I do tend to take longer because I converse freely with the patients, which we all know they love! When it's "all hands on deck" but there aren't enough hands I really struggle. The medication for me is essential, and I wouldn't go on shift without it (it's been very difficult when I haven't been unless I've been really lucky with an especially bossy and organised nurse on a quiet shift).

    These are the things I do to help me:

    Meds - I have a keyring "cash stash" and key safe (complies with Controlled Medication rules to keep staff and patients meds separate whilst keeping the meds themselves secure) so that I have a decent amount of meds for a few days that only I can access and don't need to rely on anyone's locked drawer.

    Time management - I have a pager-like sports timer that vibrates every X minutes (in my case 3 or 5) so that I have a better handle on time passing. I keep forgetting to use it, but when I do it makes one hell of a difference to my productivity!

    Anxiety/moods - I get easily frustrated when I can't find thing easily. Tape, pens and other small basics I keep in my pocket - but not just any pocket. I have a pocket organiser!!! This is especially handy for tape because mine has a band you attach it to so you can just use one hand to pull some off from your pocket. It also gives the impression that I'm really organised which makes me glow! people always ask me for tape when they can't find any themselves!
    I also have a small filofax in my other pocket that I keep phone numbers, routines, notes, and flash-card-type info in so it's all in one place. It's also used as my wallet and med-store when bringing in meds from home (I use a compact sized basic model when student-ing or a pocket-sized Kendal when healthcare-assistant-ing). Only having 2 things to take out of my pockets and put in my bag also prevents me from destroying things in the wash!

    Other organisation - I have a laminated sheet that has a basic medsurg routine on it for things like QDS lifesigns-observations (obs), mealtimes, med rounds and other things that need/tend to happen at certain times or the day for a 24 hour pattern. I can write on this with a whiteboard pen other things I need to do, but I need to find a pen that doesn't wipe off in my pocket (thinking permanent pen and get some alcohol wipes to use at the end of the day).

    All wards at my hospital use a handover sheet, which is similar to the brain sheets below in concept. However when I'm working as a healthcare assistant I go to all sorts of different wards and each one has a different style (and are inefficient with use of paper space - grrr!), so I think the idea of having my own brain sheet printed out is going to be my way forward with this! Thanks for these below - they are awesome!!!!

    Quote from Esme12
    Organization is key maybe you need a good brain sheet.
    here are a few.

    1 patient float.doc‎
    5 pt. shift.doc‎
    report sheet.doc‎
    day sheet 2 doc.doc
    ICU report sheet.doc‎

    critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students
    student clinical report sheet for one patient

    I have made some for nursing students and some other an members (daytonite, RIP) have made these for others.....adapt them way you want. I hope they help