Nursing Schools In Southeastern Florida

  1. I was wondering what kind of community colleges were around the southeastern part of Florida. We are getting transfered and I just thought I would ask someone who might know! Thanks!!!!!!!!1
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  3. by   2banurse
    If you let me know what area, I might be able to get you a list of some schools along with their websites. Although I live on the west coast of Florida, I can get access to them.

  4. by   pixiestudent
    Thank you. I am not real sure exactly were we are going to go right now but I think it will be around the Ft. Launderdale area. I looked up nursing schools in the area and only came up with one! I hope there is more than that!
  5. by   Dani
    Try these schools. They are all in the general Ft. Lauderdale and have nursing programs. I attend PBCC. I'm not in the program yet, but I'm hoping to start next fall. I moved to Florida 2 years ago and love it here. If you like sand and sunshine you will too. (It was around 80 degrees today) Hope this helps.

    Palm Beach Community College
    Broward Community College
    Florida Atlantic University
    Lynn University
    Barry University

  6. by   pixiestudent
    Thank you so much. I can not wait to get there!! I am so jealous. I wish it were 80 here! It is only 15 degrees today!!!!!!