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  1. Hello everyone I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I went to school at UIC and graduated with my bachelors degree in psychology. Thought I wanted to become a psychiatrist, but decide to become a nurse after working in a hospital for so long and of course the influences of friend and family. I am now in an ADN program at a Joliet Junior College. I've been through 2 semesters, but I failed one class which was my nursing theory. It's pretty much a medsurge class. Now I have been put on a waiting list to take it again. The earliest I can probably take it is Spring 2012, but since I'm number 8 on the waiting list I fear I may have to wait until Fall 2012. I've been thinking about transferring to other schools in case I have to wait until next fall. Even though I'm young (turn 26 this Oct) I don't like wasting time. I'm pretty much working flex as an CNA which does not give me many hours to work. I was thinking of applying to a BSN school even though it may take longer, but the result is a BSN. There are numerous schools around me that have accelerated programs bachelors-->BSN that is also an option. Except some schools require GRE's which quite frankly I'm not ready for. So what you guys think? I value any information.

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