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    Upon getting my acceptance letter out of the mail, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I read the letter about 5 or 6 times and jumped for joy. Finally I was one step closer to my dream
  2. by   Meriwhen
    I can't say I was excited--I knew I was getting in, it was the when that was uncertain.

    The feeling when I got the acceptance letter was relief due to the fact that I finally could get the show on the road.
  3. by   sharieka alicia
    I found out YESTERDAY afternoon as i pulled out of my job's parking garage when my adviser called me. When i saw her name come up on my phone...i immediately put Usher on pause and answered with a shaky voice (trying to sound professional lol). When she told me i had gotten surprised i didnt crash my car! I was so excited but there was only so much i can do from behind the stearing wheel...but tears came to my eyes as i called my mom...then got home and hugged my bf and my beagle, Dakota...then i called everybody else!! I am STILL ON CLOUD 9!!!! Been on since i got home today...i cannot contain this excitement!! I cant wait to start in september!!! Congrats to everyone preparing to start this amazing journey!!
  4. by   RNmyfuture
    Congrats to YOU Sweetheart!!!
  5. by   TrinidadStudent
    I read my acceptance calmly amongst the people i was around but when i left their presence I immediately started to dance to my favourite chris brown Song- Forever and some others,....It was great.
  6. by   Andoo
    I had a rather good feeling that I was getting in. I had taken a pre-health science program which allows those who graduated from it to have a very good chance at being accepted into the BScN program as long as they kept a certain average. Once I got the letter in the mail I punched the air then told my parents.

    My acceptance letter was very generic, so I didn't get excited by reading it, "Hi Andrew, congrats on choosing <College>, you have been accepted."

    I start start the BScN program September 5th and I can't wait for the journey to begin.
  7. by   katinthehat29
    I remember my admissions advidsor called me to tell me the news and I literally started screaming like I won the lottery. He was hyping me up too!

    Him: ARE YOU READY?!
    Me: I'M SO READY!
    Him: YEAH!
    Me: YEAH!

    No lie, that was literally how our "conversation" went. It reminded me of that scene in Mulan where Mushu tells her to show her gameface.
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  8. by   dancingostrich
    I was on the alternate list...number 35. So I didn't expect to get in at all. I was 9 months pregnant and taking a nap. I barely got to sleep when my phone rang. I was cranky didn't want to answer, but decided to thinking it was something about the baby or pregnancy. Then she said she was with the school and I was immediately awake and smiling. She told me a spot opened up for the fall and I was next, or I got accepted for spring semester. I took the fall one. I was giddy for all of 2 minutes when the hospital called telling me I had to go in the next morning to be induced. Needless to say I called my husband in a whirl wind of emotion. And here I am with a 4 week old starting school in a week. But I am so excited!!!
  9. by   Jackie_nav954
    I kind of just froze with this look on my face . I sat there for about five whole minutes, til i finally ran up to my dad to show him the email, he hugged the crap out of me. Then I rushed to print it out, jumped in my car and drove to my mom, who was at her friend's house, and we mutually started silent screaming and jumping around. So great :'D Today was my first day, and I am now getting started on the massive pile of homework I have... and, it. Feels. So. Good.
  10. by   cbsncmom
    I am still taking my pre-req's, but I can't even begin to tell all of you how much I enjoyed reading all your post about getting into nursing school. Sometimes when I come to this website I get anxious or scared with some of the negative posts. This one was great, and much needed this morning. Congrats to all of you.
  11. by   Kjmckinney
    Hello, my name is Kiera, and I am in Nurses Aide Training, and is looking for great resouces and preparation for the TEAS Test. I would like to know the best ways to study, what to expect, and etc.
  12. by   kbellows
    I had been joking with two of my friends, who had also applied, that it had better not be a little letter, we wanted the big, thick envelope. When I got the mail there was this little envelope with what looked like one piece of paper. I freaked out! I waited for about 10 minutes before I opened it. It said Congratulations you have been accepted, we will be contacting you via e-mail with the rest of your paperwork. I started last week!
  13. by   jacquelyn.
    I had been denied once but when I open the letter I muttered to my mom that I got in then just started crying I wasn't able to talk for like ten minutes. One of the best moments of my life.