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  1. Hello I am a high school senior this year and I have been wanting to go to nursing school since my feshman year, however, now I am having doubts. I know I would like to work on either a labor and delivery or nicu unit and have been on about 11 job shadows seeing a both a vag birth, c-section, and cath insert and I know I can handle it. However now I am thinking about having to learn out to give bath, do peri care, cleansing enemas, and all that stuff type of stuff and I am not sure if I am comfortable doing it especially to men. Do any of you have advice ? Was it hard for you? Also if I go to nursing school would you reccommend a 2 yr or 4yr program. Thanks so much this board really helps me with all my questions!!!
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    learning to give activities of daily living care to people becomes almost second nature (at least in my case). i keep in mind that i treat my patients with the same care and consideration that i would want for myself.

    if a person is bedridden and can't do for his/herself, i want to give them a bath and peri care because if it were me, i wouldn't want to smell badly or lay in my own urine/feces.

    if it's someone that only needs assistance, i always ask just how much help they would like for me to give. then i provide for their privacy.

    as far as 2 vs. 4 yr. programs, i believe that should be up to you. i'm currently in a 2 yr. program because once i finish, i need to work and make some $$$. i have a family to help support. i do intend to go straight into my 4 yr. a few months after graduation.

    so i believe it's all in what your needs are. best of luck.