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Hello everyone I hope we all enjoyed our Monday today. I am giving up on trying to get in the nursing program. I have done all pre reqs in the last year and still don't have a spot at the community... Read More

  1. by   manna
    Originally posted by nursebucky
    Princess, check out and cyber-talk to a lady named Joanie. She can tell you more realistic things about radiology.
    Hey, I hang out over there too!

    Decisions, decisions, huh?

    I got into the rad program this year, but can't afford to go... and I'd rather graduate at age 30 with a BS then with an AS.

    I know that sounds pathetic, but it's true... I think I'd enjoy either career.
  2. by   hobbes
    I think you need to stand back and take a look at the bigger picture. What were the reasons you decided you wanted to pursue nursing in the first place? Was it just to get a job or did you have some passion for nursing? Although I think its hard for you to have perspective at your age, but if nursing is what you want, you need to work for it. There are numerous things you can due in the interm to keep you on the right track. How about taking higher level physiology classes or maybe take some of the nursing coreq classes that don't require nursing student standing. The bottom line is that you if you really want to be a nurse that stick to your guns. However, if you don't really have a desire them maybe going a different route is better since nursing school it too difficult to go through without really having the desire to be a nurse.